Ways in which the New Year party damaged your skin


The ongoing pandemic sure made our entire year go for a toss. But it didn’t dampen the festive spirit that this month brought. From cocktails to party snacks, late nights to make-up looks, your skin had to bear it all. Yes, we said ‘your skin’ because all of this somewhere somehow damages your skin. And whether you like it or not, the party season sure serves bad for your skin. You ask why? We’re here to tell you about exactly the same.

– Having too many cocktails: Sugar-heavy cocktails and alcohol dehydrate your skin which eventually results in breakouts. Cocktails in limit is the right choice to make. But, if this party season, you went overboard with your number of cocktails, it definitely is going to show on your skin the next morning. Alcohol has the ability to cause a sudden spike in the body’s insulin levels, fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and it interferes with your liver functions when consumed too often.

– The binge post-alcohol: The hangover and dehydration that comes with alcohol are definitely going to serve wrong to your skin. But something else that spoils the texture of your skin is the binge that follows post-alcohol. Party cocktails ignite cravings for salty, oily foods that trigger several skin issues. This paves the way for acne, breakouts and other skin concerns that are associated with the body’s endocrine system.

– Hitting the bed with make-up on: All the partying and alcohol is sure to tire you to a limit where you would want to sleep without taking all that make-up off of your face. And when you do that, you let the make-up clog your pores overnight. Multiple layers of products, coupled with sweat and grime that gathers on your skin is going to damage your skin in ways more than one. When you let the make-up stay on your face overnight, it destroys the skin’s moisture level which leaves your skin dry and dull.

– Not getting enough sleep: Party season means poor sleep. You get home late in the night after a night full of cocktails and dancing and wake up in no time to live another day full of your routine tasks. Lack of sleep means you don’t let your skin cells regenerate overnight. This ultimately causes dullness and dark circles that are definitely not welcomed especially during the party season. Your body doesn’t receive the rest it craves because you stay up late at night thus decreasing the production of melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for cell repair and skin cell turnover essential for healthy skin.


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