Pros and cons of embracing motherhood in the late 30s


Motherhood is bliss! But certain conditions or factors may not permit one to fulfil the dream of becoming a mother at an early age. Getting pregnant later in life comes with its pros and cons. Read on to know about this, and speak to your expert as soon as possible regarding what you must do and avoid, if you are planning your pregnancy in the late 30s.

Motherhood is the start of a life-changing journey for a woman. It is a dream of every couple to become proud parents and introduce a new life into this world. But, due to certain hitches like career, ambition, financial instability or even owing to various health conditions, couples may choose to delay pregnancy. If you plan to get pregnant in your late 30s, it may pose a challenge for you owing to the biological clock. We brief you about the factors you should keep in mind while planning to conceive later in life.

Pros and cons of planning motherhood in the late 30s
Now, women are choosing to become mothers quite late in life. The reason is that they feel that they have a timeline in their career and they want to achieve that before pregnancy, as becoming a mom would cause a definitive pause in their careers. Also, a lot of couples think that they want to achieve financial stability and emotional maturity before they bring another life into this world. To procreate with your eggs might pose its challenges one you are over 30. So, if one is planning to postpone the pregnancy then it would be a good idea to consult a fertility specialist and explore your options.

Women with autoimmune disorders if planning to postpone their pregnancy can opt for freezing their embryos or even eggs as autoimmunity can affect the ovarian reserve, which may pose a challenge. Sometimes the woman may suffer from conditions like cancer or hyperthyroidism, where the medications given for the treatment can be detrimental for the fetus. These women should also look for the option of ovarian reserve, embryo freezing or egg freezing before they start their treatment journey.

Any woman can plan to freeze her eggs in time, if she is married she can choose to cryopreserve (freeze) her embryos ( embryo= egg + sperm) or in case of singles oocytes (eggs) is the best option. Women with endometriosis should, however, plan their pregnancy earlier. That’s because endometriosis is a condition which gets worse with time. So unless you are single it would be better to conceive earlier.

While postponing your pregnancy it is important to keep in mind that a woman who is more than 35 years of age and is pregnant for the first time is a high risk. Their probability of having diabetes or hypertension in pregnancy are higher. When a couple seeks to advise on postponing their pregnancy I always counsel them that science will support you, however, please keep in consideration that it’s not only your reproductive potential that deteriorates with time it’s your general health as well. One needs to be fit not only to bear a child but also to nurture it after its birth. It is always better to plan your pregnancy a little earlier in life.

There are always two sides of a coin and everyone who is planning to postpone their pregnancy should consider these pros and cons before making the decision. Always seek advice from a fertility expert. If you have decided on postponing your pregnancy fertility preservation (eggs or embryos) should be strongly considered and you should follow a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself physically fit.

-By Dr Ritu Hinduja, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Mumbai

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the doctor is her independent professional judgment and we do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for physician’s advice. Please consult your treating physician for more details


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