How to Help Your Kid Get Used to Wearing a Mask

The back-to-school season has arrived; and if your kids are going back to the classroom in-person, they will likely have to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces.

The first sticking point for a lot of parents and educators is that some kids, particularly younger ones who don’t fully grasp what is going on in the world, will fight wearing a face mask. They may whine and be obstinate, in the hopes that they will be allowed to remove it. It takes time to get used to wearing them, but as kids in other countries have proven for years, it’s completely doable.

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How to help kids accept wearing masks

While it can be logically explained to an older child that wearing a mask helps to prevent them, and those around them, from sharing the virus, younger kids might not be able to grasp the importance of consistently and safely wearing a mask. However, even with older kids, it’s important to use a positive message instead of scaring them.

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