Hard Apple Cider Recipe for Fall

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Even the deep south saw snow this week. Tonight the low is 19 and the rest of the week is following suit. So, what do we need when it’s cold outside, girls? Something warm to drink, of course! For me, this is typically ginger or chamomile tea. On special nights, though, I make this warming hard apple cider.  This hot and spicy nectar will warm you from the inside out. Just what the doctor ordered!

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Hard Apple Cider Recipe Ingredients

Tonight was one of those special nights.  My neighbor came over and we got to catch up while the kiddos played.  It’s so nice when our schedules are open at the time.  Life gets so hectic.  Even though we live next door to each other we sometimes go two weeks without seeing each other.  Do you have neighbors/friends like that?  Yeah, kind of comes with the territory with kids.  That is why tonight was so special and I whipped up this super simple hard apple cider.  The icing on the cake?  You can even make this in large batches in the crock-pot if you want to!  Go ahead and invite all your girlfriends over 😉

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