6 employees share the worst Diwali gift they got from their offices


The number of offices gifting their employees some horrible Diwali gifts isn’t new. While employees work hard all year long, festivals are a time to rejoice and celebrate with families and friends. This is also the time when most organizations rack their brains trying to find the best possible gifts for their employees. In the end, some do succeed in giving beautiful, meaningful gifts while others, fail to impress their employees. Forget happy and motivating gifts, some companies end up gifting things that even undermine employees!

Six employees share their story of getting the worst Diwali gift from their offices.

1. “Imagine getting a book that says how employees can be better at their job and increase efficiency. I think my company just indirectly wanted to tell all of us that we suck at our jobs. So much for getting a gift on Diwali.”

Amrit Jaiswal, 28 years old

2. “We all got Rs.300 Amazon gift voucher for Diwali gift. I mean, we work so much day and night to get things working and this is what we get for a festival gift. It’s worse because we all assumed we could get something better, like a bonus or something. But alas, too many expectations.”

Samaira Sethi, 34 years old

3. “My boss gifted me a box of anti-ageing lotions and eye-cream with a product tag that says, ‘reduce wrinkles and age elegantly’. Firstly, I’m just 24 and this seemed like an insult to me. Does it mean I look old and tired? That’s for the long and strenuous hours plus overnight work hours my boss has put me through. I’d rather not have such a Diwali gift. Worse, was it a re-gift from his wife?!”

Anshika Reddy, 24 years old

4. “Last year, I got this fruit and nuts box. First of all, it was packaged badly, and half of the box was empty. I literally felt so bad that I considered letting the HR see it by mistake or you know, the usual talk-about-it-by-mistake kinda thing. But, before I did that, I overheard the HR saying that the company couldn’t afford full boxes this year.”

Rakshit Desai, 41 years old

5. “My entire team had got coupons to a beautiful cafe in town. It was very expensive, so all of us were really happy. Plus, we got two coupons each, so I thought I could take my girlfriend here for a surprise treat. We got there all dressed up only to know that those coupons had expired 5 months back! I wish I could have saved myself from the embarrassment.”

Vishesh Sharma, 25 years old

6. “I didn’t even get gifts from my company last year. Others may have even got shitty gifts, but imagine getting nothing on Diwali. Yes, exactly. I was so disappointed!”

Riya Shekhar, 36 years old


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