5 Kid-Friendly New Year’s Eve Plans



3… 2… 1… The countdown is on. New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching, and if you’re anything like me you’re scrambling to figure out some sort of family-friendly plan to ring in the DECADE. 

I’m not a big NYE fan; I tend to find the holiday anticlimactic, so I shy away from extravagant activities and expensive outings. Instead, we opt for simple, easy plans at home–take-in, a movie, or maybe a casual early dinner out if we’re feeling especially ambitious.  

Still, I like to have some kind of theme to the night to make it fun for the family. Here are our top ideas–and don’t worry they can all end before midnight.

Movie Night

We are big movie fans in our house. Every Friday night, we put on PJs, order a pizza pie, and cuddle up under big blankets together. It’s my favorite way to kick off the weekend; so it’s no surprise it’s also my choice way to kick off a New Year. Of course, I like to elevate our traditional weekly affair into something slightly more special on Dec. 31. So we pop corn, we put on our best jammies, and we order in a smorgasbord of delicious eats and treats–pizza, Italian, Chinese food, finger apps, you name it… We’ll even make our famous Sparkling New Year’s Eve jello stars. Then we’ll veg out and enjoy a double or triple header. And when the kids pass out, the husband and I put on a movie just for us. That is, if we haven’t also passed out with them.


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